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Welcome to Business Coaching by The Artisan Group

Learn from industry professionals the best way to promote and effectively grow your business to it's full potential. Through The Artisan Group's online courses, you learn from real small business owners who are successful and who know exactly where you are coming from.

Product Placements

Product placements can be an important part for your small business, but what's essential is promoting your brand after your product has been spotted on TV and in films. Let our coaches guide you in maximizing your achievements, and showing off a little, too. 



Creating a consistent presence that your customers will recognize anywhere on the web is important. Our experienced small business owners go through the importance of branding and provide great examples to assist you spicing up your brand.


Work / Life Balance

Everyone is always talking about work/life balance, but what does it mean, and how much time should we give to both? Our coaches give you the scoop on setting boundaries and avoiding burnout.


Our Media Coverage

Many of the members of The Artisan Group have received amazing local and regional press coverage prior to, or following their participation in our opportunities.

This kind of incredible press and media coverage helps our members get their foot in the door with new wholesale and retail accounts, and generates quite a local media buzz for their businesses. 

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